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While music lovers across the globe are increasing by the day, while more songs are being created every day, while more newcomers want to be musicians, the music industry, musicians and aspirants, specifically in India, are facing severe challenges.

On one hand, online sharing has opened up vast gateways of accessing and enjoying music, but it has also enabled music piracy to flex muscles beyond control. This has taken a massive toll on creators. Since anyone hardly pays to listen to music these days, smaller artists, instrument players, supporting musicians, lyricists and new comers are facing the real brunt of the dwindling monetization of music.

As a result, innumerable small artists are suffering and many are on verge of quitting for a compromised alternative. Aspirants are unsure about their future and independent music has been pushed to the limits of just a hobby. Overall, buried under the glitz and glamour, the music industry is going through a crisis of remuneration, respect and hope.

Can we save music and musicians from this crisis? Can we re-energize the industry; bring back the joy in music creation? Can we give music creators the remuneration and respect they truly deserve?

All this and more gave birth to doopaadoo – an idea, a platform that aspires to revive the music industry and cheer it up. How?

First, by giving each and every musician their due credence and monetary share and by ensuring it reaches down to the smallest artist. All music that plays on doopaadoo is exclusively created for doopaadoo and you cannot hear it anywhere else, this curtails piracy. Plus, we do not buy rights from the creators; they retain the rights for their music, which enables them to earn royalty every time we listen to their songs.

By encouraging a community that practices ethical norms of procuring and distribution of music, so that no one feels cheated. By providing independent music a platform that not only encourages it but also remunerates it equal to mainstream music. By enabling musicians from far and wide to discuss and collaborate to create their own music and also earn from it. By providing assessment and review opportunity from industry stalwarts to benchmark and build confidence in new comers and aspirants

And last but not the least, by providing listeners a chance to enjoy original music exclusively created for them and also earn money every time they listen to any song. Yes, doopaadoo pays you each and every time you stream a song on it.

On doopaadoo, you can: Listen ,Preview, Collaborate, Create, Share, Review, Like, Follow, And for all this, get paid as well

And who is behind all of this? Musicians, artists, composers, writers, enthusiasts and listeners. Simply because all of us, each one of us, love music.